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Brand Name: boussac
Feature: Waterproof
Model Number: Cooling vest
Material: Polyester

The cooling effect is very obvious: The soft touch and durable mesh material can maximize the ventilation effect. It can be comfortably applied to bare skin. With 24 ice packs, you can change them at any time.
Adjustable waist: Make sure it fits most wearers, men, women and children.
Suitable for the crowd: It is suitable for outdoor sports, fishing, cycling, chefs, farm workers, bringing an unprecedented cool experience in the hot summer.
Long-term cooling solution: When it is necessary to extend the cooling, the ice pack can be replaced with a new frozen ice pack.

Name: Cooling Vest
Use: Reduce temperature on hot summer days
Color: Blue
Size: Free size (adjustable)

Product Instructions:
1. Fill the ice pack with water and put it in the refrigerator or freezer as needed.
2. Take out the ice pack and put it in the vest.
3. Put on the vest.
4. If you need to extend the time, you can replace the ice bag.

Product list:
Ice bag*24
Ice bag storage bag*2

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