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Hot Sale Fishing Reels Skillful Manufacture 5.2:1 Speed Ratio 8BB Spinning Fish Reel Right/Left Hand Fishing Wheel Tackle

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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing
Position: Ocean Beach Fishing
Position: Lake
Position: River
Position: Reservoir Pond
Position: stream
Model Number: Fishing Reels
Fishing Reels Type: Fishing Wheel
Fishing Method: Bait Casting
Baits Type: Fake Bait
Gear Ratio: 5.2:1

8 Bearings Spinning Fishing Reel Right/Left Hand Interchangeable 5.2:1 Speed Ratio Lure Fish Reels Line Spool Fish Wheel Tackle
High strength plating cup.
Alloy rocker, left and right interchangeable.
Large caliber unloading knob, strong and durable.
Folding rocker arm, one key folding, easy to operate, comfortable to use.

Brand: Lizard
Main material: ABS + aluminum alloy
Handle direction: Right/Left hand interchangeable
Bearings: 8
Application: Rivers/ponds/reservoirs
Model Speed Ratio Packaging Size Net Wight Line Capacity
1000 5.2:1 130x115x80mm/5.12x4.53x3.15in 200g 1.5-200m/2.0-125m
2000 5.2:1 130x115x80mm/5.12x4.53x3.15in 200g 2.5-100m/3.0-125m
3000 5.2:1 130x115x80mm/5.12x4.53x3.15in 200g 3.0-150m/4.0-100m
4000 5.2:1 130x115x80mm/5.12x4.53x3.15in 240g 4.0-130m/5.0-100m
5000 5.2:1 130x115x80mm/5.12x4.53x3.15in 240g 5.0-150m/6.0-130m
6000 5.2:1 150x150x95mm/5.91x5.91x3.74in 320g 6.0-150m/7.0-130m

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
3. Line capacity is glue wire data, if the fisherman is equipped with braided yarn, please increase two models.

1 X Spinning Fishing Reel


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