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Aluminum Body Spinning Reel High Speed G-Ratio 5.2:1 Fishing Reels with Line Outdoor Entertainment Fishing Accessory

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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Model Number: a1
Fishing Reels Type: Hand Wheel
Fishing Method: Spinning
Baits Type: Fake Bait

1. With the 0.3MM line of about 40-50 meters transparent line.
2. Selective Silent Anti Reverse System
3. All metal folding arm
4. Rocker arm can be Left / right interchanged.
5. Exquisite workmanship
6. Copper rod rack drive
7. Zinc alloy with high hardness tooth disc
8. High speed printing bearing
9. Because of large shipments, this paragraph of fishing vessel printing is random.
10. Perfect tool for fishing.

Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Item weight: 165g / 5.8oz
Package weight: Approx. 180g / 6.3oz
Line capacity (mm/m): 0.18/145 0.20/200 0.25/125

1 x Fishing Reel with 0.3mm Line of 40 Meters


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