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GAMWATER 30M 15M 1000TVL Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Camera 4.3" LCD Monitor 6PCS 1W IR LED Night Vision Camera For Fishing

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Sonar Frequency: Cable: 200Khz
Detecting Range: 0.6-73 Meter
Power Source: No. 7 Battery
Sonar Coverage: 92
Brand Name: GAMWATER
Power Input: DC 10-18V
Language: English
LED: 6pcs 1W IR LED / 6pcs 1W White LEDs
Working Time: 3-5 hours at full energe
Monitor: 4.3
Camera: HD 1000TVL
Battery: lithium battery pack
Cable length: 15m/30m
Lens angle: 92 degree

15m 30M 1000TVL Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Camera 4.3" LCD Monitor 6PCS 1W IR LED / 6pcs 1W White LEDs Night Vision Camera For Fishing



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Fishing Camera Description:

This product you are watching now is the latest popular, fashional, good looking and convenient Underwater Video Camera System. It not only has and color screen, but also has a height definition camera which has HD 1000 TV lines. What's more, there are 6 high-power white lights for camera light source, and these 6 white lights are separated from camera to prevent the water spray coming into the camera.

Application field: monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, Ocean/Ice/Lake fishing swimming/diving/snorkeling are all available.


1.4.3 inch TFT color monitor with sun-visor for bright environment outside

2. Color CCD and HD 1000 TV lines camera

3. Waterproof,Aluminum alloy 165 Degrees fish model design

4. Cold-resistant, waterproof and pull-resistant cables

5. The available camera extension cable length:15m 30m

6. 6 high-power IR lights for camera light source

7. The continuous using time of the battery is up to 4 hours,Battery status.

8. LED brightness adjustment


Display Size: 4.3 inch

Display Resolution: 480*272

Monitor Input Voltage: 5V DC


Image Sensor: CMOS Sensor

IP68 Waterproof

Viewing Angle: 165 Degrees

Visible distance ( clear water ): 1-3m

Night Vision: 6pcs 1W IR LED / 6pcs 1W White LEDs

Camera: 1000TVL/Aluminum alloy

Battery: 5000AH

Power Box:Battery status

The continued using time of the battery: about 4 hours

Operation Temperature: -20~60 degrees

Storage Temperature: -30~80 degrees

Camera Size:Diameter 26*62mm

Package Contents:

1 x USB Cable

1 x Camera Lens with 15m 30m Cable

1 x Display

1 x Float

1 xFishing rod accessories bag

F008G-15M-IR (2)F008G-15M-IR (1)F008G-15M-IR (3)F008G-15M-IR (4)F008G-15M-IR (5)F008G-15M-IR (6)F008G-15M-IR (7)F008G-15M-IR (8)


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