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8pcs/lot Tent Nail Stake Peg Night Luminous Stainless Steel Camping Fishing Canopy Windproof Rope Tool

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Accessory Type: Tent Nail
Material: High Strength Stainless Steel,Night-luminous Plastic Head
Type/Accessory Type: Tent Nail
Total Length: 25cm
Diameter: 0.8cm
Weight: about 94g
Sports Type: Camping,Fishing

1.Comes with stainless steel and night-luminous plastic. Durable camping nail for you to use
2.The night-luminous head of this camp peg can make the camping safer at night, and it has a better effect after shining in the sunshine or light
2.After shining in the sunshine or light, the noctilucent plastic head can feature better night-luminous effect to bring a touch of security in the darkness. And the tent nail can be used for self-defense
3.The head of this screw nail can help you pull out the fixed nail easier and can make it easier when you are setting the tent rope
4.At night, the light of this tent nail can make it uneasier to be stumbled by the tent rope, and threaten some large wild animals
5.Compared to the luminous tent nails, it doesn't require batteries, so you don't need to consider the trouble of batteries
6.The high strength stainless steel comes with stabler forced structure and is uneasy to be bent
7.The tent nail has high compressive strength and a long lifespan. Can be mounted conveniently and firmly
8.The tent stake is more suitable for some rocks, hard soils, and dry environments. The nail should be fixed at an inclination angle of 35-45 degrees, and the distance and direction of the nail to the ground should be the same axis as the rope. The rope should be fixed at an angle of 90 degrees, which is conducive to the maximum strength
9.Tips: All night-luminous products need to be shined in the sunshine or light before it glows up. The more light it accepts, the brighter it glows up in the darkness. So it is recyclable, eco-friendly, and safe to use

Material:High Strength Stainless Steel,Night-luminous Plastic Head
Type/Accessory Type:Tent Nail
Total Length:25cm
Weight:about 94g
Sports Type:Camping,Fishing
Packaged:Opp bag

Due to the screen difference, the color might be a little different from what you expect, please allow it

Packaged include:
8 x tent nail


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