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4 Strands 8 Strands100M Super Strong Braided Wire Fishing Line 0.2-12.0 PE Material Multifilament Carp Fishing PE fishingline

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Material: Braided Wire
With Ruler or Not: No
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing
Position: Ocean Beach Fishing
With Scale or Not: No
Shape: Level
Buoyancy Characteristic: Sink Line
Meters: 100m
Model Number: 0.4-10.0


0.4# 0.10 mm 2.7 kg 0.6# 0.12 mm 3.6kg 0.8# 0.14 mm 4.5 kg 1.0# 0.18 mm 6.8 kg 1.5# 0.20 mm 9.0 kg 2.0# 0.23 mm 11.3 kg 2.5# 0.26 mm 13.6 kg 3.0# 0.30 mm 15.8 kg 4.0# 0.33mm 18.1 kg 5.0# 0.36mm 22.6 kg 6.0# 0.40mm 27.2 kg 7.0# 0.45 mm 31.7 kg 8.0# 0.50 mm 36.2 kg 10# 0.60 mm 45.3 kg


1. High-tech programming technology (using spheronized textile technology, the wire diameter is even and slender, smooth) 2. The line body is smooth and the water is cut faster (the high-quality PE line is smoother, the cutting water is faster and the throwing friction is small, the thread quality is good, and the fish''s holding force in the water is reduced) 3.Soft treatment anti-winding (wire body soft zero adsorption, spheronization textile technology, anti-winding) 4. Stronger pull (no matter the flexibility, the gloss is excellent, the pull is strong) 5. Resilience and smoothness, no hairiness (zero memory, no hairiness, more flexible hair transfer, strong abrasion resistance, soft body without hurting the guide ring) 6. No extension anti-static waterproof (high waterproof special resin processing, good waterproof effect, the wire body will become finer and better after use) Fishing line maintenance 1. After each fishing, you should gently wrap the clean fishing line on the reel in time, try to make the fishing line slack, not to be tight, because the long-term stress will cause the fishing line to lose its original elasticity. . 2. The winder is drunk, it is better to use the round shape. The square winder is placed at right angles on all four sides and placed for a long time. The strength of the bending point of the fishing line will decrease, and the fishing line that is released will be cleaned with a cloth dampened with water on the fishing line, because the water quality of the fishing water is divided into many parts, including a certain amount of oil, salt, alkali, acid. And many other ingredients. If the water containing these ingredients is not dried, the wire will be reduced in strength due to corrosion. 3. All fishing lines are stored in a dry, dull, non-polluting place to protect them from moisture deterioration and aging. 4. When fishing out, wrap the winder with the fishing line, do not put it with other sundries, so as not to scratch the fishing line, and can not be put together with grease. If the color of the fishing line is found to change, fade, yellow, etc., or brittle. Explain that the fishing line has been aging or began to age, it should be replaced in time, can not be lucky to leave the hidden danger of running the fish.

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