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2.4m 3.0m 3.6m 4.5m 5.4m 6.3m 7.2m Carbon Fishing Pole Carbon Fiber Sea Telescopic Fishing Rod Rock Fishing Rods

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Brand Name: yumoshi
Position: River
Category: Rock Fishing Rod
Material: Carbon
Model Number: Telescopic Rock Fishing Rod
Top Diameter: 1.1mm
Hardness: Hard
lenght: 2.4m,3.0m,3.6m,4.5m,5.4m,6.3m,7.2m


High-Carbon Black Sea Rod Fishing Pole Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod 2.4m,3.0m,3.6m,4.5m,5.4m,6.3m,7.2m Cana de pesca

Material:Inside the rod is uniform in texture with excellent water repellency.
Advanced X Type torsional fiber layout to make the rod stronger.
High-density carbon fiber to increase the thickness of the inner wall of the rod thus makes the rod strong and resilient.
1.Excellent craftsmanship superhard fishing rod
2.Made of high-carbon material thus clear carbon grain can be seen
3.nylon braided handle to make it comfortable and ventilated
4.The thickness of the rod is even thus prevents fracture while hooking a big fish
5.Exquisite exterior coating with high-grade metal top cap
6.Super resilient and solid tip with high-grade metal top cap
7.Tight and gapless joints between segments
8.Uniform and classy interior coating color

Size Close Length Sec. Weight Top.Dia. Dia.

2.4 74 4 95g 1.2mm 12.9mm

3.0 74 5 135g 1.2mm 14.0mm

3.6 74 6 195g 1.2mm 18.0mm

4.5 98 6 245g 1.5mm 17.8mm

5.4 98 7 286g 1.5mm 20.3mm

6.3 98 8 364g 1.5mm 22.3mm

7.2 98 9 448g 1.5mm 24.0mm

About the weight and length maybe have some differs,

Please in kind prevail for all information, thanks!this link without reel.please noted!!!





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