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1Pcs Fishing Catching Gloves Protect Hand From Puncture Scrapes Fisherman Professional Catch Fish With Carabiner

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Brand Name: Balight

1. Woven for PE line, the high-quality PE line, good toughness and wear resistance, prevent shark fin fish scales prick the hand, take care of your hands.
2. Exquisite technology, every detail perfect, bring for you practical and high-quality gloves.
3. Non-slip handle increase holding power, and emulsion coating on the surface of PE line, waterproof wear gloves have more holding power.
4. Equipped with magnetic force, convenient to carry, easy to access. The magnet can be bearing 1.8kg.
5. Prevent slippery wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, soft hard moderate.
6. Specially designed for fishing, adopts separative magnet on the wrist, non-slip design on the surface, will be great for picking fish up.
7. Left or right hand can be optional.
Material: rubber PE surface
Color: as shown
Easy to carry and use.
Waterproof and abrasion resistant gloves for greater retention
Good toughness and abrasion resistance to prevent shark fins and scales
Package Included:
1x fishing glove with carabiner

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