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100 meter fishing line fishing line multifilament durable nylon fishing line non Fluorocarbon leashes Pesca vissen Hengelsport J

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Material: Braided Wire
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
With Ruler or Not: No
With Scale or Not: No
Model Number: 1
Shape: Level
Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating Line
Meters: 100m

1. High abrasion resistance, easy to cut plastic, high-strength nylon molecules, effectively prevent attacks from various obstacles in the water
2. High-quality raw silk nylon fishing line. No water absorption. Great water cutting, high resistance. Large fishing force and long service life.
3. Instant water intake Density and strength are greater than ordinary fishing line, water entering speed
4. Strong pulling force With high nodule force, it can effectively avoid running fish. It is the best choice for fighting big things.
5. Do not increase the number of anti-winding
6. Fine wire retaining, parallel roll design, easy to entangle the line, smooth and delicate
KH1297A (13)KH1297A (12)
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