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100% fluorocarbon Fishing Line nylon carp fishing wire fly fish cord fluorocarbon coated Japanese Mater

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With Ruler or Not: No
Material: Nylon
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing
Position: Lake
Position: Reservoir Pond
With Scale or Not: No
Shape: Level
Buoyancy Characteristic: Sink Line
Meters: 100m


There are two kinds of plates wrapped with fishing line: black and transparent. The quality of the fishing line is the same.


0.6# 0.14mm 1.01kg 0.8# 0.16mm 1.44kg 1.0# 0.17mm 1.80kg 1.2# 0.20mm 2.16kg 1.5# 0.21mm 2.70kg 1.75# 0.23mm 3.15kg 2.0# 0.25mm 3.60kg

1.Japanese material, fluoro carbon fishing line 2.Unique three layers of proto monofilament 3.The surface was treated with multi-layer resin and fluorocarbon coatin,the filling rate of the line has been increased by 25% 4.Single wire tempering process in Japan,Higher specific gravity than nylon wire about 30%. 5.Japan high purity nano nylon raw material,Six layers of resin and six layers of fluorocarbon! 6.Nylon molecules bind tightly together to increase tension in the line,a special fluorocarbon coating keeps out water molecules ,avoid line sizes that don''t get bigger.Fluorocarbon coating can reduce the tension of the water to the fishing line, and the fishing line enters the water quickly

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